The Most Comfortable and Durable Sofa Bed System in the World

We are the exclusive distributor of the revolutionary Cozy Mattress® system containing Z-Spring Technology®. The mission of Cozy Comfort LLC. is to provide innovative comfort solutions for furniture. The Cozy Comfort team utilizes over 100 years of both motion design and furniture manufacturing experience to bring world-changing products to the market. Our suppliers use precision manufacturing and top quality materials to insure you receive comfort year after year.

Innovations & Applications

Cozy Mattress®

The most comfortable and durable sofa bed system in the world.


  • 8.5” luxury pillow-top mattress
  • Commercial grade steel frame
  • Optional zip-off pillow top
  • Utilizing Z-Spring Technology®

Sleep Between The Arms®

Space Saving Innovation in Sleeper Sofas!

The Sleep Between the Arms® patent pending mechanism has dramatically changed the world of the sleeper sofa …

The ingenious design re-orients the queen mattress into a lateral position reducing the open platform footprint by a maximum of 14 square feet when compared to a conventional mattress system.

Zip-off Pillow Top Cover

Replaceable Pillow Top for Cozy Mattress®

Award-Winning Pillow Top Extends Mattress Life

  • Eliminates the Need to replace the entire mattress system
  • Moisture barrier prevents soiling below replacement pillow top
  • Eliminates loss of revenue due to unusable sleeper
  • Zip-On/Zip-Off: Renews the usable mattress in 2 Minutes
  • Simple inventory storage

30% off all orders


30% off all orders


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Cozy Mattress® System

This is a quick overview of the entire Cozy Mattress® Sofa Bed System

Cozy Mattress® For Hotels

The hospitality industry loves Cozy Mattress® Sofa Bed Systems

Seating and Sleeping Comfort

Comfort is number one priority for Cozy Mattress®

Replacing Your Mattress

We show you how easy it is to replace your mattress.

Replacing the mechanism

If you ever need to replace the mechanism, you can do it in minutes.

Replacing the Pillow Top

Instead of replacing the mattress, you can save money with a wash and/or replacement of the the pillow top only.

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