Providing the Functionality Caregivers Require

The Cozy Mattress® inside a sleeper sofa or chair can provide maximum comfort to caregivers in a Hospice or Acute Healthcare Environment and ensure they get the rest they need with ease of operation. In seconds a Cozy Mattress® mattress system converts between a sofa or bed.

“Caregivers no longer have to sacrifice comfort when staying overnight. Having a Sleeper Sofa with a Cozy Mattress® inside ensures a good night’s sleep, as well as big comfort to small spaces.”

Cozy Mattress® in your sofas will make your patient rooms more comfortable…

  • The Comfort Conversion – From a very comfortable sofa to a REAL 8.5” bed mattress in seconds. The sleep system can change a patient room into a bedroom then back to a comfortable seating area.
  • Space Savings … Cozy Turned a Queen Sideways – The lateral mattress position saves about 14.5 square feet of floor space and changes the dynamics of small spaces.

The Cozy Mattress®mattress system is engineered to fit most patient rooms and comes in single, twin, full and queen sizes. Be sure to ask your supplier for details.

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