Retailers Worldwide are Profiting from Cozy Mattress® in Their Sleeper Sofas

The Cozy Mattress® has changed the expectations of the Consumer, as well as profit margins of progressive retailers.

Today’s consumers have come to expect premium comfort over their parents Sleeper Sofa with a Cozy Mattress® mattress system inside ensures their extra guests bed will provide a good night’s sleep. No longer does the phrase “You don’t want your in-laws to stay” sell sleepers.

Cozy Mattress® in your Sleeper Sofas can make you more profitable for 3 reasons:

  • The Comfort Conversion – Your customers will no longer dread sleeping on your Sleeper Sofas, or having their guests sleep on them because our mattress turns a Sleeper into a real bed in seconds. Imagine the comfort of a real bed inside a sofa and how that can change a den/home office into a bedroom and back again.
  • The Shift to Multi-Functional Furniture – Converts to a comfortable Sleeper Sofa with a real bed mattress in seconds. Cozy Mattress® provides the ONLY 8.5” thick innerspring real bed mattress. The mattress & mechanism are GSA tested and come with a limited 5-year warranty in North America. Retailers are once again displaying the sleep sofa open on their sales floors.
  • Turn a Queen Sideways – What happens when you turn a Queen Sideways? It saves approximately 14+ square feet of floor space changing the dynamics of a room!

Cozy Mattress® can be found in many popular retail establishments.

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