Space Saving Innovation in Sleeper Sofas!

The Sleep Between the Arms® patent pending mechanism has dramatically changed the world of the sleeper sofa …

The ingenious design re-orients the queen mattress into a lateral position reducing the open platform footprint by a maximum of 14 square feet when compared to a conventional mattress system.

Our mechanism trademark support strut controls the 2.3mm outward tube of the Sleep Between the Arms® mechanism. The heavy gauge components provide a sturdy and reliable base for two full-bodied adults. Solid core rivets enhance ease of operation and reduce stress fractures while 1200 Denier is topside in the closed position offering superior support of the sofa cushions.

The Sleep Between the Arms® lush 8.5” Pillow Top Cozy Mattress® provides Luxury comfort without the presence of “BARS” or need for pumps like with air mattresses. The core of the mattress is assembled around Z-Spring Technology® and other patented elements. The combination is tough to beat and easy to sleep on, not to mention, the mattress anti-slide controls are concealed as are the built-in anti-tilt stabilizers.
If you desire durability and comfort in a modern day design, look no further. Ideal for smaller rooms needing space.