The Cozy Mattress® system has changed what the world thought was impossible: a REAL bed mattress in a sofa!

The historical discomfort experienced from a typical sleeper is due to several factors. Limited space within the sofa cavity dictates a lighter gauge of spring wire so that it can be compressed into the cavity. The resulting light spring fails to support the body’s weight, causing the mattress to dig into what is typically known as the “shoulder” bar. Not only is it uncomfortable to lie on, it’s also uncomfortable to sit on, as the compressed mattress springs cause a crowning of the cushion deck. But the Cozy Mattress® breaks through these inherent challenges with Z-Spring Technology®, bringing Modern Comfort to the Sleeper Sofa… eliminating the need for air mattresses or foam.

Developed by the industry’s top motion designers, the system consists of a durable mechanism support with an extremely comfortable 13 gauge dual innerspring mattress. Finally, no pumps, bars, creases, or platforms to contend with… only our easy to lift mechanism…  creating within seconds a great bed for a restful nights’ sleep.  When folded inside the sofa, this unique innovation also provides unmatched seating comfort.

The Cozy Mattress® sofa bed system is creating renewed demand for sofa beds and is available in queen, full, and twin sizes.

More and more, consumers are becoming aware of this innovation in the sleeper sofa industry and Cozy Mattress® is now the solution that gives our customers a distinct competitive advantage.